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These practitioners have greatly influenced my health journey and I highly recommend their expertise.

Scott Robison, DC


I commonly refer clients to Dr. Robison and I consistently hear success stories.  As his patient, I can attest to his thorough approach and the plethora of techniques he has mastered.  If you haven't seen him, you haven't experienced Comprehensive Chiropractic.

Chad Dupuis, L.Ac.


My experiences with Chad have always left me in awe of his vast knowledge.  He is very objective in his scope as a diagnostician.  He also remains authentic in his craft as he honors the science of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)


Blaine Minor, MD


In my experience, Dr. Minor is the most comprehensive and progressive medical physician in the area.  He has an amazing wealth of knowledge, is extremely inspiring and is a great advocate for the use of Nutraceuticals in mainstream medicine. Dr. Minor has helped me with many complex issues.

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