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Food Addiction Recovery

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As a Food Addict, I have experienced many failed attempts at recovery.  I've endured many years of struggle and decades of disappointment.   I had various training in Holistic Nutrition, followed popular plans that were successful for others, took medications, had name it, I did it.  I've desired nothing more than to succeed in this war against my  weight.  My body craved all the wrong things, for all the wrong reasons.  I was ashamed, embarrassed, afraid and defeated.  Even though I had complicated health issues that contributed to my excessive weight, a large portion of it was due to being overfed and under-nourished.  I was perpetually on a diet that always took a pendulum sweep back into binge eating and depression.  I was smart.  I had will-power.  I was determined. 

So what was wrong?  What was missing?  

Why couldn't I achieve success in all of these battles against my obese body? 

The truth is, I had to face the  reality that there is no true glory in any war; especially against oneself.      

I was using my intellect and heart to attack the very vehicle that carried them around.  

I hated myself.  

I pulled myself up by my bootstraps, time and time again, with nothing but sheer loathing for who I was.  I defined my entire being as a failure because I had failed so many times.  Through a series of unexpected events, I've Awakened.  

What I had been missing is LOVE.


Love is the force that commands that every weapon in battle be surrendered.  Love demands that the temporary strategies and diets that you have used against yourself be abandoned and used to pave an easement into a lifelong healing journey.  My journey into Self-Love didn't come easy; but it finally happened. 


Food is a unique thing to be "addicted" to as you can never truly "abstain."  

My hope is to inspire and encourage others who face this seemingly impossible quest for balance by providing a forum and resource haven.  Please contact me with contributions or ideas as the site develops.  

My goal is to offer recipes, chat forums, podcasts and in-person support groups that speak to "expansion," rather than the "limiting" concepts that are most prevalent in addiction recovery.  Food addiction is unique, and so is the recovery for each individual.  The theme for my website and presence in the Healing Arts is "Create Space for Healing." That's essentially what I've had to do in my own life.  I've had to remove the bad programming and blockades in my psyche.  

The light of Love has illuminated all of the trauma, drama and grief that had led to my love-affair with darkness. 

The above gallery contains photos of meals I have been preparing for myself in recovery and are a drastic departure from the fast-food death I was welcoming prematurely. Today, I am focusing on "Life Gain"  instead of weight-loss and hope to help you do the same.  Don't give up. Peace and happiness in spite of your previous struggle is possible.

Whatever addiction you are fighting, Love is the answer. 

-Hollie Cope


Half-Way to my goal, but FULLY committed to a NEW LIFE!

From March to December 2019

Size 28 Pants to Size 16

Size 32 Tops to Size 18

120 Pounds Lost 

With Holistic Nutrition & 

Self Love

Weekly Food Addiction Forum

Schedule and location to be announced. Free of charge.  Come share and explore together! 

Clinical Nutritional Testing/


A program designed by doctors to objectively identify your individual nutritional needs.  With comprehensive clinical tests, understand more about your previous struggles from a biochemical perspective, and how to effectively overcome these obstacles.  

Cutting-edge, innovative analysis combined with personalized therapies to heal, 

restore and thrive within the 

"Divine Design." 

Stay tuned for updates!  

Appointments available soon!

Reach Out!

If you have questions or would like to talk about your personal journey, contact me. 

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