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For all Shapes, Sizes & Ability Levels



Why is Everyone so "Big On Yoga?"

Yoga is everywhere!  From your local gym to the corporate health workshops at your job, the benefits of Yoga are being touted by everyone.  In fact, Yoga is great exercise for all; regardless of size, shape or age.  While most classes are inspiring and inclusive,  it isn't often that you find a class led by a larger-framed instructor.  


Come take part in a meditation-based class that teaches you how to adapt to a practice that is specific to your body type; taught by an instructor that practices from her own larger frame.  Learn the subtle shifts in posture that make your asanas most effective and the basic anatomy that helps you move deeper into awareness.    



The foundation for our movement classes is Meditation.  What is Meditation?  Simply put, meditation is focused observation.  Does that surprise you?  Have you attended classes to only be told to sit quietly and simply "clear your mind?"  Have you lost hope in being able to "effectively meditate" because you can't "turn off" your thoughts?  If you are not sure how to begin a meditation practice, join us! Learn the strategies and numerous techniques that can help heal your body, mind and spirit.  In addition to the "Big On Yoga" movement class, we will offer a variety of meditation classes that include styles such as Visualization, Vibration/Sound Healing, Kundalini, Yoga Nidra & More!    


Classes to be announced.  Stay tuned! 

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