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MY MISSION: To provide the highest caliber of professional bodywork as a therapist and facilitator. To provide a platform that promotes wellness through education, healing and self-discovery. To educate about the human body; its many chemical and metabolic processes, as well as its bio-mechanical structure. To utilize holistic methods that support the homeostatic nature of the body’s design. To promote a deeper understanding of the influence of psychosomatics in overall health. To illuminate how environmental, nutritional and social factors impact the physical body. To approach all concepts with objective, scientific reasoning; even within practical and rudimentary treatment concepts. To encourage a shift in current mainstream healthcare paradigms towards investigation versus management. To serve alongside mainstream medical initiatives in order to promote a culture led by wellness and not disease. To expand education and access to manual therapies within mainstream medicine. To continuously audit the emerging trends in the alternative health sector. To reconcile the untruths with proven scientific facts, pertinent studies and data. To vet qualified and licensed complementary health practitioners who may be introduced to medical teams and venues by assessing their practice protocols and professional ethics. To eliminate the nomenclatures of “Alternative Vs. Mainstream” when applied to healthcare; thereby establishing formidable and lasting “Complementary Health” practices to the mainstream American Medical model.



Bodywork Therapist, 

Complementary Health Consultant, 


A graduate of the Academy of Somatic Healing Arts in Atlanta, Georgia, Hollie has been practicing as a bodywork therapist and educator for the past 20 years.  

As a soft-tissue specialist, Hollie's bodywork is focused on manual therapies that address the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia; and how they all collectively contribute to structural and functional health.  She is a Georgia Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and is additionally Certified in Pre and Post Natal technique (CPMT).  She is a Certified Neuromuscular Therapist (CNMT) and this modality is the foundation for the clinical work for which she is best known.  From everyday people to high performance athletes, Hollie focuses on structural balance and the restoration of nervous system functionality. 

In 2016, she obtained a 300 Hour Certification as a Meditation Teacher (CMdT.) This training has greatly inspired Hollie to pursue the psychosomatic aspects of health with her clients and in her own life.


MY STORY: HOW I GOT STARTED The late 90’s were a challenging time in my life. I was in my early twenties, and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) was not a widely known condition amongst the ObGyn community. My body was spiraling out of control and I had spent four years searching for a medical explanation as to why. Eventually, I crossed paths with a Holistic Chiropractor who asked if she could perform a thorough intake of my history and symptoms. Two weeks later, she handed me a huge binder that was full of information. It included the contact information of the specialist medical physician that she felt I needed to consult with; a reproductive endocrinologist. Not only did this “Alternative Health” practitioner build a bridge for me to cross back toward the appropriate medical professional, but she provided me with information about the condition that no one else in my path had been able to share. She took time and studied my symptoms, but continued to view me as a whole and thriving being; not a walking collection of ailments. She provided me with information about the appropriate medical testing I would likely need to confirm a diagnosis; what I should eat and what I should avoid; what exercises I should be doing to help regulate my hormones; what medications they might likely prescribe and the benefits of herbal supplements that I might ask them about once diagnosed. Fortunately and unfortunately, I was told that I was a “textbook” example of a woman with PCOS and that I displayed every marker for the condition. I was told, “We wish we had been able to help you sooner.” I told them I had consulted with four medical physicians who obviously had no knowledge of the condition, but that I had been referred to them by a chiropractor. I showed them my binder. They were in disbelief, and impressed. They agreed that PCOS was a condition that was still very unclear, and that it was just making its relevance known in general gynecology. They explained that while PCOS posed many reproductive hindrances, that is was a mostly disorder of the endocrine system. Today, I am glad that more information and opportunities are available to women with PCOS. Time illuminates the truth of science. Yet, it was the very experience of suffering, stumbling and ultimately being “rescued” that solidified my professional path. After many frustrating years of devastating symptoms, harsh medications and inconclusive diagnostics, there was finally an opportunity for healing and hope for me. I was inspired to follow suit in helping people find answers in their own lives. My foothold in becoming a wellness professional began as patient recipient of this comprehensive and compassionate approach that had eluded me within the mainstream medical model.  Since then, I have relied upon a team of practitioners that range from specialist and integrative MD's to acupuncturists and massage therapists in order to garner truth and healing in my life. PCOS, even when diagnosed can throw you some unexpected curve-balls. As you can see from my gallery of photos, my weight, stature and appearance of health has fluctuated over the years. I have never worn my diagnosis as a label or a seen it as a limitation. I have lived as fully and as exuberantly as anyone could. I love life, and what I have lived through has taught me a lot about who I am, and who God wants me to be. Life has taught me who I need to be for God’s Kingdom and for other human beings that I encounter. I’m discovering every day how I can improve my health and love myself more. In pursuing a professional dedication to the holistic arts, I have had many amazing experiences. I have received bodywork therapy in three countries outside of the United States, and I’ve spent a month in India. I’ve taught specialized classes to marginalized populations, and I have instructed both students and teachers of Neuromuscular Therapy. I’ve hosted a plethora of community outreach events, and practiced a variety of bodywork and healing modalities. I have served as a purveyor and advocate of the healing arts. I am proud to say that I have helped people thrive. Unfortunately, I have witnessed massively misguided industry trends and pseudo-scientific ideologies that employ little more than placebo effect and slick marketing; and I have seen people suffer at the hands of irresponsible practitioners. I have watched my sector of healthcare become rife with mere opportunists who have eroded a deserved respect from mainstream medicine. The “bad apples” have seemingly spoiled the bunch in the eyes of many medical practitioners- and believe me, there are many bad apples. But we must not lose sight of the fact that other cultures outside of our relatively young Nation have historically maintained better health statistics through time-tested traditions. I want to illuminate the truth of these traditions and cull away the invasive fruit. My life and professional goal is to continue helping to bridge the gap between mainstream and complementary health models. By auditing the alternative health industry and continuing to promote the practical science of the human design, I hope to facilitate more opportunities for health recovery and support. By embracing the sometimes harsh realities of my own healing processes, I hope to inspire and influence others to forge a lifestyle of wellness; rather than to merely fight disease. As a practitioner and advocate for a variety of complementary therapies, my passion lies in education about the human body, mind and spirit. My motto as a practitioner has always been, “Create Space For Healing.” Given the proper resources and respect, human life is awe-inspiring in its resilience, and the body is an amazing machine.

MODALITIES & SKILL-SETS: Neuromuscular Therapy Clinical Integrative Massage Swedish Massage Pre & Post Natal Bodywork Pediatric Massage Structural Assessment Gait & Form Analysis Sports Massage Manual Lymphatic Drainage Medical Massage Cranial-Sacral Technique Myofascial Release Techniques PNF/MET Guided Meditation Facilitator Vedic Meditation Instructor Psychosomatic Bodywork Vedic Yoga Instructor Curriculum Instructor Public Speaker & Educator

EDUCATION & PROFESSIONAL ROLES: Music Education, Mercer University-Macon/Georgia State-Atlanta, GA, 1994-1998 Marketing Manager, HTH, Inc., Atlanta, GA, 1998-2001 Certification, Neuromuscular Therapy, Academy of Somatic Healing Arts, Atlanta, GA, 2003 Certification, Therapeutic Massage, Academy of Somatic Healing Arts, Atlanta, GA, 2003 Clinic Supervisor/CE Coordinator, Academy of Somatic Healing Arts, 2004-2006 License, Massage Therapy, State of Georgia, MT004361, 2007 (Upon Board Formation) Certification, Pre and Post Natal Massage, CMM, Atlanta, GA 2008 Guest NMT Instructor for Staff Development, SOCHI, Los Angeles, CA, 2012 Certification, Vedic Meditation Teacher, Shree Mahesh Heritage School, Rishikesh India, 2016 Owner, NWGA Neuromuscular, Dalton, GA, 2009-2017 Private Studio & Community Outreach, Dalton, GA, 2018-2023

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