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Bodywork Therapist, 


Clinical Consultant

A 2003 graduate of the Academy of Somatic Healing Arts in Atlanta, Georgia, Hollie has been a successful bodywork therapist and educator for the past 19 years.  Her interest in the field began in her mid-twenties when she first faced grim challenges with her own health. A profound impact on her life made through the knowledge and skill of a holistic chiropractor is what initially inspired Hollie to choose this career path.  After many frustrating years of devastating symptoms, harsh medications and inconclusive diagnostics, there was an opportunity for healing.   

The approach was comprehensive, compassionate, and ultimately inspired her to join the holistic movement as a professional. 

 Since then,  she has relied upon a team of practitioners that range from integrative MD's to massage therapists in order to garner truth and healing in her own life. Her professional goal is to continue helping to bridge the gap between mainstream and complementary medical models; through education and self-empowerment. By embracing the sometimes harsh realities of her own healing processes, she hopes to inspire and influence others to forge a lifestyle of wellness; rather than to merely fight disease. An advocate for a variety of bodywork therapies and psychosomatic healing, Hollie's passion is to educate about the human body and it's amazing capacities to heal when we give it the proper space. 

As a soft-tissue specialist, Hollie's bodywork is focused on manual therapies that address the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia; and how they all collectively contribute to structural and functional health.  She is a Georgia Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and is additionally Certified in Pre and Post Natal technique (CPMT).  She is a Certified Neuromuscular Therapist (CNMT) and this modality is the foundation for the clinical work for which she is best known.  From everyday people to high performance athletes, Hollie focuses on structural balance and the restoration of Central Nervous System functionality.    

Prior to her career in this field, Hollie developed a diverse skill set in Sales and Marketing. After graduating from ASHA and along with growing her private practice in Atlanta, she had the privilege of returning to ASHA a few years later as a Project Manager where she focused on Continuing Education and various accreditation projects.  She also served as ASHA's Clinic Coordinator, where she performed student assessments and technical training workshops in the student clinic.  

Family dynamics brought Hollie back  to Dalton in 2006 where she has lived since,  and she has built a successful private practice. Hollie has also had the privilege of teaching a number of workshops and classes.  From massage therapy technique classes to specialized movement exercise, her personally-crafted seminars have provided education to both clients, massage students and instructor colleagues. 

"Big On Yoga" has provided larger bodied practitioners an opportunity to learn Yoga from a teacher who faces the unique challenges of moving within a heavyset frame.  Find more information under the "Movement and Meditation" tab from the home page. 

In 2016, she obtained a 300 Hour Certification as a Meditation Teacher (CMdT.) This training has greatly inspired Hollie to pursue the psychosomatic aspects of health with her clients and in her own life.  She is working on a series of books that capture her personal struggles with chronic illness, food addiction and grief; but that also illuminate her spiritual growth and health recovery.  Stay tuned for upcoming information regarding her latest book projects.  In the meantime, she hopes that you will stay engaged through social media  and will enjoy her newest Blog, located here within the site.  

Featured above, 

holding a book entitled, 

"Conscious Eating," 

Hollie weighed 365 pounds.  

The final photo captures a healthier, happier Hollie, with her chiropractor, Scott Robison, DC after losing a total of 120 pounds in 2019.

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